We are all aware of the concern throughout the world about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and wanted to answer some questions from our customers about how we are handling it, and how our service may be ideal for new customers wanting to avoid restaurants and grocery stores.

Staying home and using a meal delivery service is statistically one of your safest options for food.

Since the virus was first identified, there have been no reported cases originating from food contamination. Nonetheless, we have taken extreme measures to ensure quality and cleanliness so that our loyal customers can receive delicious and fresh food safely delivered to their door throughout these trying times.

Be Fit Box is well prepared for a situation like this, as we maintain the highest standards in our kitchens for clean food handling. We have hundreds of processes and procedures in place to prevent everyday food born illnesses. Many of these same processes and procedures are preventive for COVID-19. 

Our food is made locally and is in transit soon after being prepared, unlike out of state meal prep companies. We do not hand off person to person, but drop off the meals at your doorstep, making it extremely unlikely for the coronavirus to survive the transit, ensuring both customers and our staff are safe and healthy. Furthermore, we are a hygienic facility that uses gloves, frequent hand washing and disinfecting protocols, and clean rooms.